Bataan-Corregidor Brochure

This Commemoration Booklet was written by Bro. John Chan for his presentation on 8 April 2017, at Sequin-Level Lodge of the Battles of Bataan and Corregidor and the Bataan Death March on its 75th Anniversary. This was the largest defeat for the United States with tremendous loss of lives and suffering of American and Filipino soldiers at the hands of the invading Japanese Forces. Without any reinforcements or replenishment of food and ammunition from the United States, our starving and diseased U.S. Forces were ordered to surrender when they ran out of ammunition to fight.

These events are not in the history books taught at school. Bro. John Chan, in his effort to keep alive the memory of those that gave their lives and the sacrifices of the survivors, gave a three hour educational program and published this booklet.

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