A word from our Junior Warden…


Summer is here and we are finally enjoying warm weather here in Connecticut! I hope that you will be getting outside to enjoy it with your children, grandchildren, other family members, friends, and your Sequin-Level Lodge Brothers.

For the summer months, as usual, we are cutting back on the Labor, but dialing up the Refreshment. The two Stated Communications we’re still holding (July 19th and August 16th) will feature simple and light dinners, quick meetings, and more time for brotherly camaraderie. Feel free to bring your own beverages of choice and kick back a little with your Brothers after the meetings. Also, don’t forget the Craftsman’s Club’s Steak, Scotch & Stogie Night on July 14th (tickets available for $40 from any Craftsman’s Club officer or online at https://lodge140.ctfreemasons.net/payments) and the Post-Extravaganza Ice Cream Social on July 21st.

Following Labor Day, your Lodge immediately kicks back into high gear with Yours Truly sitting in the East for the first time for an Entered Apprentice Degree and our Lodge Inspection on September 6th. Please come out that night to lend me your support and impress our newest Brothers and our District Deputy with a large crowd.

A few quick notes to wrap up: (1) Half-Year Belly Mason Memberships covering your Stated Communication meals for the rest of the year are now on sale for $100. They may be purchased online at the link above, or from me at any Lodge event, or by mailing a check to the Lodge. (2) Dinner reservations have dropped off a little, perhaps because the reservation email address is currently not working. Until further notice, please use the SL140JrWarden@ctfreemasons.net address for your reservations to ensure I get them, or contact me by phone, text, or through Facebook. And (3), with the hot weather and people relaxing and having fun, it can be easy to overindulge. I would be remiss in my duties if I were not to remind you to be cautious not to convert the purposes of refreshment into intemperance or excess.

Have a great summer and I look forward to seeing you at the Lodge!

– Brother Tad Bistor, Junior Warden 2018