A word from our Junior Warden…

Fraternal greetings my Brothers!

First and foremost, it is my honor to have been elected as Junior Warden for the coming year; thank you my Brothers.  2020 passed in slow motion at times, at others, warp speed.  It has also been an opportunity to view in excruciating detail how far we’ve come as a society, and how far we have left to go.

It is my belief that ultimately all things reach a balance point.  As turbulent as 2020 was, as emotional, stressful, and frustrating as it was, there is opportunity to rediscover what initially attracted us to join Freemasonry.  We will continue to do our very best to promote a safe and healthy environment where our Brothers can meet, comforted by the fact that we take the safety and well-being of our membership seriously.  We hope to make many new Masons, help each other along our Masonic journey, and secure the future of Freemasonry in whatever shape it takes in this brave new world.

I would like to stress that as we have talked about many times this year…you are someone’s impression of Freemasonry.  In this age of hyper emotional political partisanship, where emotion can easily drown out logic, we are still Brothers of Sequin-Level Lodge #140.  We aid, assist, and comfort each other and celebrate in each other’s health and company.

To that end, in the upcoming year, our kitchen crew will continue to provide comforting and delicious meals before meetings and delectable desserts afterwards.  Reservations are a must.  All Brothers (including Belly Masons) please make your dinner reservations by the Tuesday prior to a State Communication.  Please use SL140JrWarden@ctfreemasons.net for your reservations, or contact me by phone, text, or via Facebook.

Dinner tickets are $15 and Belly Mason passes are $180 and can be purchased on our website at https://lodge140.ctfreemasons.net/payments.  With the emergence of COVID-19, our dinner abilities and attendance was hamstringed for most of last year.  For that reason, if you were a Belly Mason for 2020, you may purchase a full year Belly Mason pass for $90 this year.

If unable to attend our meetings in person, many of our meetings offer virtual attendance, and there’s no better way to be a part of the Lodge from the comfort of your own home.  If you haven’t attended a virtual meeting, I urge you to try one.  Especially if 2020 has had to keep you away from Lodge and you miss our ugly faces.  We miss yours.

I look forward to serving the Lodge from the South.  Here’s to a healthy and productive 2021!  I hope to see you in Lodge soon!

– Brother Chris Woodward, Junior Warden 2021