A word from our Junior Warden…

Fraternal greetings my Brethren!

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for electing me as Junior Warden for the year 6020 A.L.

Second, congratulations to WB Ryan Hunt and the 2019 officers.  Many hands make Light work, and I’m proud to have been able to serve Sequin-Level Lodge #140 with you all.  Together, through the tidal forces of chaos and order, we forge into 2020, defining not only what it means to be a Mason, but what it means to be a Sequin-Level Lodge #140 Mason.  I am honored to be able to chip off the rough corners of my stone beside you.

As we toil in quarries, our kitchen crew will continue to deliver the nourishment that has made our Lodge the envy of Lodges less fortunate than ours.  It is absolutely essential that all Brothers, including Belly Masons, make their dinner reservations by the Tuesday before a Stated Communication if they will be attending dinner.  As skilled as the Kitchen Elves are, they cannot accurately predict the amount of food necessary for dinner if we don’t know how may Brothers to expect.  Too much food, and we risk waste. Too little, and Brothers may have to go without, disrupting Lodge harmony.

Please use the SL140JrWarden@ctfreemasons.net  address for your reservations to ensure I get them, or contact me by phone, text, or through Facebook.  Dinner tickets and Belly Mason passes can be purchased online via https://lodge140.ctfreemasons.net/payments.  Dinner tickets are $15; one-half year Belly Mason pass is $100; one year Belly Mason pass is $180, so purchase yours now for the best value!

Thank you again my Brothers, I will do my best to honor the Junior Warden chair and Sequin-Level #140.  I look forward to seeing you in the upcoming year.

– Brother Chris Woodward, Junior Warden 2020