A word from our Senior Warden…


With the outbreak of COVID19 it is important that we:

  • Subdue Our Passions and Act Upon the Square By listening and monitoring to the facts of this outbreak. We should not spread fear, speculation, and political rhetoric.
  • Keep Ourselves Within Due Bounds Towards All Humanity By using the Compasses we shall establish temporary isolation with our spouses and immediate family who inhabit our dwellings. Working from home and keeping social distancing is necessary to maintain health. Time at home will help us to bond with the people we live with and relieve anxiety.
  • Provide Relief for the Poor and Distressed
    • Communication is crucial in these times.
    • Text or email a Brother to let them know you are safe or in need of relief.
    • Call a brother that you have not heard from in a while and listen to what they have to say about their situation and share your experience, strength and hope.
    • Participate in the weekly, 7:00pm Thursday night fellowship meetings held by our Worshipful Master, Tad Bistor.
  • Immediate relief may be obtained by communicating with the Master and Wardens of this Lodge.

The Officers of Sequin-Level Lodge will continue to monitor conditions from this outbreak and follow any additional guidelines provided by federal and state health professionals and government officials and The Grand Lodge of Connecticut. Most Worshipful Grand Master Stephen Petri has mandated that all Masonic meetings and activities are canceled until June 30, 2020. We thank you for your understanding and patience during this difficult time.

Part of the Senior Warden’s duties are to oversee the Craft at labor and ensure that none leave dissatisfied.  This is a perfect time to work on memorizing your ritual and maintaining proficiency.  In the Fall, when we are back at Labor, we will resume Degree rehearsals and provide the finest Degree and Ritual experience attainable.

Let us continue to make Sequin-Level Lodge #140 the Greatest Show on Earth!

– Brother Jon D. Faasen, Senior Warden 2020