A word from our Senior Warden…


As the temperatures warm up, daylight increases, and the outbreak is eradicated; thereto, the activities and duties of Sequin-Level Lodge #140 will also increase. Whether it is setting up the tents, helping out at a CHIP event, Blood Drive, or any of the many activities that our Lodge is involved in, it is time to reengage in fellowship and labor.

You are all invited to our:

Sequin-Level # 140 Medieval Table Lodge!


Thursday April 1, 2021 6:30 PM * $25.00 * Bellymasons Free

Reservations Required

CONTACT: Brother Junior Warden Chris Woodward:  

SL140JrWarden@ctfreemasons.net, by Facebook or by phone at 860-707-6548

* Monty Python and the Holy Grail * Lord of the Rings *  Game of Thrones * The Man Who Would be King *

Please Dress in an Ancient Costume or Proper Tie and Jacket

The Finest Costume Shall Receive a Prize from Ye Worshipful Master!

Part of the Senior Warden’s duties are to oversee the Craft at labor and ensure that none leave dissatisfied.  This means to ensure that not only do our Brothers have the knowledge and satisfaction they desire, but also that our Brother Officers have the help, strength and support that they need to serve the Craft and provide the finest Masonic ritual experience for our worthy candidates as possible.  A Master Mason Degree is scheduled for our first Stated Communication in May.  I am asking our Brothers not only to attend this sacred event; thereto, volunteer for a part in the sublime ritual.

It takes a Lodge to raise a Mason.

Nobody does it better than Sequin-Level Lodge #140 The Greatest Show on Earth!

– Brother Jon D. Faasen, Senior Warden 2021