A word from our Worshipful Master…


As 2020 continues its unprecedented course and continues to disrupt our everyday lives, I have some good news to report:  Sequin-Level Lodge is back open for business and is moving forward with Lodge events and programs!  The Most Worshipful Grand Master has granted Sequin-Level Lodge dispensations to hold our pre-Stated Communications dinners and our monthly first Sunday of the month fundraising breakfasts.  We have also been granted dispensations for other one-time events like our Welcome Back Dinner in August and our upcoming Oktoberfest Family Picnic in October.  Few Lodges in Connecticut are permitted to do these sorts of events demonstrating that, despite the hardships of 2020, Sequin-Level Lodge continues to be the best Lodge in Connecticut.

See the Calendar Highlights under the Lodge News tab above for the highlights on our Lodge Calendar for the rest of the year, or access our full Google Calendar on the Calendar tab.  Come join us!  Sequin-Level Lodge is following all of the CDC, State of Connecticut, and Grand Lodge guidelines for conducting business and serving meals, and is taking every reasonable precaution to safeguard our Brothers and their families at our events.  Lodge meetings are restricted to 50% of the available seating and all attendees are required to wear masks.  Indoor meals in the dining room are also limited, in compliance with State of Connecticut regulations governing restaurants.  Commonly touched surfaces are being cleaned and sanitized frequently and hand sanitizer stations have been set up throughout the building.  All persons attending our events have their temperature taken and must provide their contact information for purposes of contact tracing.  Even if you do not feel comfortable joining us in person, you can still enjoy the Fraternalism of your Brothers by joining us remotely for our meetings.  In fact, this is the perfect opportunity for our out-of-state Brothers and those other Brothers who have difficulty getting to and from the Lodge to now make it to our meetings.  See Senior Warden Jon Faasen’s column From the West for details on how you can join us for our Stated Communications from the comfort of your home.  Remember when you joined Masonry and used to attend the meetings twice a month and enjoyed the camaraderie of your Brothers?  Don’t you miss that?  Then come join us at your Lodge or come join us online.  We have missed you and would love to see you!

I urge you to consider and contemplate the words and emotions expressed in Junior Warden Chris Woodward’s column From the South.  He is not alone in his feelings.  Perhaps this is yet another reason for the decline in attendance at Lodge meetings.  These are troubled times for our country, and as involved citizens, we Masons all have our opinions on the political and social events happening around us.  I will take this opportunity to remind you that we should not be discussing politics or religion within the Lodge or at Lodge events and functions.  Remember, too, that you are Masons inside the Lodge as well as in the community outside of the Lodge.  Your conduct can affect other people’s impressions of Masons.  As involved citizens I expect you to express your opinions and be involved in your communities, but I also expect you to be respectful toward your Brothers and others.  Too many times I have overheard Brothers’ comments or seen posts on Brothers’ personal social media pages disparaging or demeaning those whose opinions differ from theirs.  This is not acceptable behavior from a Mason.  You can share or state your opinions, support your candidates, engage in peaceful gatherings or protests to support your causes, and debate the merits of the actions of your federal, state and local governments and officials, but I expect you to do so in a peaceful and respectful manner.  Think before you speak or act and review your social media posts and decide whether your statements or actions might reflect poorly on your fellow Masons or might discourage someone from wanting to join our Brotherhood.  And when you see a Brother that may be crossing that line of acceptable behavior, remember that it is your duty as a Mason to whisper good counsel in his ear and to aid in his reformation.

Lastly, my Brothers, please take note of our upcoming Oktoberfest Family Picnic (in Calendar Highlights), and the notices regarding our annual food and toy drives, the Lodge’s newly adopted alcohol and bottle club policy, Grand Lodge’s Grand View membership system, and the next phase of our Lodge’s Capital Campaign in Other News.  Sequin-Level Lodge is moving forward and I want YOU to be a part of it.  I look forward to seeing you all soon!

WB Tad Bistor, Worshipful Master 2020