A word from our Worshipful Master…

We have just finished an incredibly busy quarter that saw us complete two EA degrees, a table lodge, a wonderfully attended MM degree and several fun and informative meetings. We also had the loss of one of our officers, Tom Burns, who passed away in April. This was a quarter of emotion and change.

We have welcomed several new brothers into our fraternity in the last quarter. It seems every meeting we are reading in and voting on new petitions. This is good as it shows that men are coming to join in on the positive direction of the lodge.

As we head into the warm summer months our programs slow down a bit before we get ramped up again. We have only two total meetings in July and August as we allow for some time to rest and refresh. These two meetings, by design, will be programless. My intent is to have the meetings open, take care of our usual business and then close early to enjoy longer period of refreshment downstairs with the brethren. I feel that the time we spend together, whether playing cards, chatting or any other activity, is as, if not more, important than the time we spend going over ritual or business. Thus my hope is that we will meet downstairs, perhaps play some cards and just enjoy the company of others.

We do have the Extravaganza event in July which always promises to be fun. This weekend is filled with several activities which require many hands. I encourage you to take part in these activities as they are a great source to show the public our pride in the lodge and our fraternity.

Additionally, the Rainbow Girls will be working at the community garden for the benefit of the Newington Hunger Action Team on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of July and August. Any girls age 8-18 are welcome to join them. Contact Lori Doll or Sandy Drzewiecki for more information.

In September we will move onto the busy fall schedule with an EA that is traditionally done by the Junior Warden. I am hoping we continue to receive applications at the same rate we have to this point and thus give him lots of candidates to initiate. We finish the month with a presentation from the shrine. Then onward to the final quarter.

May you have a safe and enjoyable summer season filled with warmth both inside and out.

WB Lee Martin, Worshipful Master 2018